Space Sex Squad

Tuesday, December 7, 2010 at 8:38 pm

December 24th will mark the end of volume II of Sister Wulfia Focka. Beginning on January 24th, I will start Space Sex Squad on Slipshine. Don’t worry fans of Wulfia and Lyl, SWF will be back when I’m done with SSS.
The cast of Space Sex Squad:
Captain Juanita Juarez
Commander Kara Kennedy, X-O
Lieutenant Bianca Borgia, pilot
Lieutenant Ling Li, science officer/medic
Chief petty officer Foxy Fatima, gunner
Petty officer Sylvia Sloan, communication

No relation with another series I might have worked on in the past. :p


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16 Comments on “Space Sex Squad”

  1. I wonder how many people actually remember that “other series” (Starship Titus). That stuff died over seven years ago along with the HentaiQuest forum. D:

  2. I remember it. Oh boy, do I.

  3. I don’t own the rights to that old series. So I’m doing something, uh… different.

  4. Is it strange that I think they still look alot like SWF characters? I’ve kinda grown accustomed to seeing everyone in the space-future clad in skintight bodysuits. >.> (not that there’s anything wrong with stockings and miniskirts, of course…)

  5. I love the little shawls they’re wearing. And the goggles…Futuristic!

    Are they any relation to Sex Girl Patrol? :)

  6. This link is to one one your art pieces found on a porn site, Not sure if you know all ready about it or not Just figured you like to be informed when some thing like this pops up.. Sorry to bother you

  7. That’s legit. But thanks.

  8. Hey Sirk,

    I understand why you won’t be using the characters, but since the captain is how she is… can you put the tanned blue haired one in as well?

    Also, my personal opinion is that dreds > afros (unless they’re in a mickey mouse style like Twiggy)

  9. Ya i was wondering the same thing about SST
    Do you have a mechanic girl? i know the list was there but had to double check. I liked her from the last one. something about mechanics. . .
    really liked her from the last one.

  10. You sold me at “Space Sex”

  11. I was surprised something so simple didn’t already exist.

  12. “Lieutenant Bianca Borgia, pilot”

    … Never mind about my earlier question.

    As long as her hair is blue and her skin is tanned, I’m a happy hamster!

  13. Booger! Dont call Sirkowski Sirk! Sirkowski does what he/she (sorry for that) does best. Respect.

  14. uh?

  15. Hah, I always liked that old comic. Happy to see a spiritual successor… and I’ll be on hand to write the TV Tropes page, of course.

  16. I love your random fans, Monsieur/Madam (sorry for that) Sirkowski Sensei. Even more Respect!