Testing new server

Monday, December 9, 2013 at 4:52 pm

Hopefully this works properly.


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20 Comments on “Testing new server”

  1. Derp, dee derp, dee derp derp derp.

  2. It works it works hopefully it doesn’t twerk.

  3. Seems to be working. :-P

  4. But now your tumblr’s borked.

  5. Sorry, the link I clicked on to get to this page did not work.

  6. Seems things work!

  7. It seems to work.

  8. First step to awesome

  9. Good to see it all working. Hopefully we’ll see some uploads here too.

  10. The question is… Does your new host allow +18 content?

  11. Yes it does. :-)

  12. Does your new host also allow Shrek? Because I come bearing good news in the holy name of the Ogrelord. Despite what you’ve heard from the Farquaad kin, Shrek does have enough layers to include all of you in his faith. Shrek is also not Dreck, and he will return in the coming Shrekoning. Before his judgment arrives, be sure to procure the finest onion you can find and chant to it, “Shrek is love Shrek is life”, until the Ogrelord appears to bless you with his shrock. If any of ya’ll have more questions you can find me preaching the Shrekspel at the Great Swamp Shrine on Shrekchan

  13. Shrek is love; Shrek is life.

  14. Bouncy boobies!

  15. Some of your website sections lead to 404 not found. Especially the links in your FAQ.

    Good to see you hanging onto life after all this time.

  16. so did you find a better website thing no more funio

  17. Yep.

  18. so…… when are eva and blackie going to have sex lol

  19. When you pay for it. :p

  20. According to my psych-profile on Ms. Sirkowski, she has a 94.2% chance to blow up Ms. Blackie once they’re done.

    And since Blackie has sidekick invincibility….