Sorry for neglecting this website

Wednesday, January 29, 2014 at 8:56 pm

Slipshine still has 10 new pages each month of Space Sex Squad. February will probably be the conclusion with Sister Wulfia Focka returning in March! Or maybe on Easter in April?

There’s some stuff on my art Tumblr too.


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6 Comments on “Sorry for neglecting this website”

  1. YAY! It will be good to see lyl & wulfia again :)

  2. Cool. ^.^

  3. We need more stuff here. =(

  4. Hey I was wondering, is Miss America’s story all outlined, or winged? Either way is cool, but I didn’t know how you approached comics.(Good luck with SSS and Sister Wulfia too!)

  5. I have an outline, so I know where I’m going, but not necessarily how. So it’s half planned, half winged. I also draw the page only knowing roughly what the dialogue is, then I fill the spaces at the end. Sort of the Stan Lee/Marvel technique, but by myself. I didn’t always work like this, but I’m experienced enough by now that I can pull it off (I think).

  6. so any more pages on miss america or do you have to finish something before the upload